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With the many distractions which take up much of 21st century life, it can be difficult to get into an effective workflow. It seems that computers and communications technology has in some cases made this more difficult, has in fact reduced productivity rather than made work easier. This can definitely apply to me when it comes to getting some writing done.

Fortunately, there’s OmmWriter, a bare-bones text editor with some new-age flourishes to help provide a distraction-free environment for writers to do their stuff.

The software can be configured to play ambient music in the background (from Asian soundscapes to a music track that sounds like a mashup of Moby and Vangelis), and neat little clicky sounds when they keys are pressed. This isn’t a vital part of the program’s functionality, but help some people (me included) concentrate on their work.

OmmWriter Dana I is the free demo version. The website says that the main difference between this and the full version paid (Dana II) is that the latter contains more background images and ambient sounds. The creators ask for a suggested minimum donation of US$4.11 for the full version.

Your words can be saved to three different file formats; .txt, .pdf and .rtf

Unfortunately for some, OmmWriter will only run on the Mac OS X platform. I do hope that a Windows version is released soon so my fellow MS-based scribes can enjoy this magical piece of software.

[disclaimer: I have no connection with the creators of OmmWriter, and have received no payment or gratuities for this review.]

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