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Clarities – Blandine Longre

April 12, 2012


Review Clarities – Blandine Longre One of my favourite throw away lines that gains little social impact and yet means everything to me is that it is a magnificent time in history to be a woman. Perhaps not the very best time (I hope that is still to come) but the best the world has […]

Enigmatic Pilot by Kris Saknussemm – A review

March 22, 2011


it is through the study and practice of illusion that we learn the art and science of the truth, and this philosophy has proved immensely effective. It suddenly struck him, for instance, that the definition of a complex machine was one that was five-dimensional—time defining the fourth, psychology the fifth. Mind transcended time, the same […]

The Babylonian Trilogy – Sebastien Doubinsky

March 1, 2011


The Babylonian Trilogy, as the title suggests, is a book divided into three parts.  Each of the three parts deals with the large themes of existence: Life, death, poetry and the pieces in between. Each novel is different from the others in essence, although the reoccurring ideas and the intense characterisation give access to the […]

Why I love Miller and hate Hemingway or, how I pick and choose my misogynists.

February 14, 2011


  Ok, so I can feminist it up with the best of them. I’ve been down most of the paths: Intellectual antidisestablishmentarianism media whore with Germaine Greer; ultra pissed-off-ed-ness with Susan Brown-Miller and Alanis Morissette (ok, I may never have been THAT shitty); chemistry studies with Mary Daly to try to develop synthetic sperm; Übermensch […]

To the Squirrels at Union Square

December 12, 2010


They’re so cheeky he said of they with no personality only instinct.   But I looked in the eye, at the outstretched arm, at claws ready for gripping and mischief as it reached for some sugar cookie treat. No stupidity lurked in that eye; its expression functioned in open space.   Squirrel turned, treat aloft […]

Whose Afraid of the Big Bad (American) Wolf?

December 12, 2010


It was about ten years ago that I attended a David Malouf book launch when he said that Australians are terrified of being swallowed whole by American culture and yet it is intrinsically in us to resist it. After all, there were American’s on the first fleet and we have been successfully resisting their attempts […]

Review: Archelon Ranch – Garrett Cook

December 4, 2010


Bernard may or may not exist. He’s the victim of a series of cruel experiments conducted on him by his father and a scientist who are trying to cure an ‘illness’ (in an age when all that exists is illness) that inflicts those called ‘Suburbanites’ that has rendered them all revolting, flesh-eating monsters.  (It’s hard to miss the inference […]